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Joseph Hawkins papers – Mormon Missouri War

In honor of those who lost their lives during the Haun’s Mill Massacre 179 years ago today, L. Tom Perry Special Collections is pleased to announce the availability of a new digitized collection: Joseph Hawkins papers (Vault MSS 724). This collection includes six items relating to Joseph Hawkins’ role in the Mormon War in Missouri. From …

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Hyrum Smith property records and family record

As we prepare to remember the lives of Joseph and Hyrum Smith on the 173rd anniversary of their deaths on June 27th, L. Tom Perry Special Collections is pleased to announce the availability of additional documents from the Hyrum Smith papers (Vault MSS 774) that were recently digitized. These include property records and a family record.  The …

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(Auto)biography of Samuel Miles

This week we are highlighting another item from our 19th Century Mormon and Western Manuscripts that was digitized this past year: the (Auto)biography of Samuel Miles. Samuel Miles Jr., son of Samuel Miles Sr. and Prudence Marks, was born on April 8, 1826 in Attica, New York. During the winter of 1833-1834, after moving to …

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Lilburn W. Boggs letter

On October 27, 1838, Missouri governor Lilburn W. Boggs issued Missouri Executive Order 44, known more commonly among Latter-day Saints as the “Extermination Order,” in response to the conflict between Mormon and Missouri settlers in the northwestern counties of the state.  The premise of the order was that the Mormons should be “exterminated” or driven from the …

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The Story behind the Stories of the Mormon Missouri Experience, 1838-1839

Few stories from the early history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints create stronger emotions and more vivid images than those from the Church’s first ventures into Missouri.  Words like “Adam-ondi-Ahman” or “the New Jerusalem” often emit feelings of joy and excitement.  However, mention Hawn’s Mill, Governor Boggs and his “Extermination Order,” …

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