Church History & Doctrine Collection Added

The Church History and Doctrine department has joined ScholarsArchive! Over forty articles have been added to this new collection on topics from the Mormon migration to missionary work, and much more. You’re sure to find something interesting. Enjoy!

School of Music Research

Three publications have been added to the new School of Music collection! Click here to read these interesting articles. We’re excited to have more research from the College of Fine Arts and Communications and hope to bring you more soon.

If you’re interested in having your research or presentations added to ScholarsArchive, please email and we’ll be happy to help.

Journal Added to ScholarsArchive

The Deseret Language and Linguistic Society Symposium has joined ScholarsArchive Journals! The symposium archives date from 1975 to 2001. Though this symposium is no longer held, the timeless information lives on in ScholarsArchive. Enjoy!

Two New Collections

Two new collections have been added to the student section of ScholarsArchive Research! Dr. Gideon Burton’s students do some fantastic work in English 382 — Shakespeare, and now you can read their papers online. Also added are the scholarly papers by graduate students in the Family Nurse Practitioner program in the College of Nursing.

Journals Now Part of ScholarsArchive

19 faculty and student produced journals are now part of ScholarsArchive! The newly redesigned ScholarsArchvie webpage includes a section just for journals. Look at the changes and additions here.

More Changes Coming to Webpage

We recently updated our webpage theme, which improved the navigation between college and department pages. Now get ready for content changes! Soon you’ll see a new, simple welcome page with links to “Research” and “Journals”.

Clicking on “Research” will take you to what has been the main ScholarsArchive gateway. This is where you’ll go to see the research and creative content by BYU faculty and students, arranged by college and department.

“Journals” will take you to BYU student and faculty produced journals. As is the rest of ScholarsArchive, these journals are free and open to the public. We hope you’ll enjoy discovering more of what BYU has to offer!

New Webpage Theme

As you’ve probably noticed, the ScholarsArchive webpage looks a little different with an updated theme. We love it and hope you do, too! The best part is the more intuitive navigation between the college and department pages. Take a look around and tell us what you think!

ScholarsArchive Pages

The colleges and departments with items in ScholarsArchive each have a page with a photo and some text. Some colleges and departments use the text area to describe what’s in their ScholarsArchive collection and others have their unit’s mission statement. If you would like to update what’s on your page, let us know!  Email us at

Historical Clothing Collection

Last week Mary Farahnakian presented the Alice Louise Reynolds Women-in-Scholarship lecture in the Harold B. Lee Library. Her lecture titled, “Let Your Star Shine,” chronicled the life of the historical clothing collection, thus far. It was fascinating to learn about what it takes to care for and document each clothing item. It truly is a labor of love! We’re fortunate to have photos of the collection right here in ScholarsArchive.


ETDs Added

Our student publications include the electronic theses and dissertations submitted by BYU graduate students. We’ve recently had a rush on processing ETDs and 212 have just been added to ScholarsArchive! Take a look at the variety of research topics being studied by browsing the ETD collection here.