Author Accounts

Received an email as a new author to our repository? Wondering how to create an author account in ScholarsArchive?  Interested in what information is available in your author account? Answers to all of these can be found by clicking the link below.

How to Create an Author Account in BYU’s ScholarsArchive

1. Go to
2. Click on “My Account”
3. Click on the Sign Up button below the Create new account heading.
a. If you have received a Digital Commons Monthly Readership email, please use the email address that email was received at to register and confirm your account. The email address associated with your account can be changed later if desired.
b. If you have not received a Digital Commons Monthly Readership email, please use your preferred email address to create your account.
4. Fill in the required fields, and click “Sign Up”
5. You will receive an email asking to confirm your account. Follow the instructions to complete the process

What you can do when signed into your account

1. Update your personal and/or login information
2. Follow other authors, publications, institutions, and disciplines in the Digital Commons Network –
3. Update email preferences
4. Check the status of submitted articles
5. Upload new articles
6. Check download statistics

Questions? Contact us at