ScholarsArchive is Brigham Young University’s open access institutional repository for the scholarly and creative content produced by BYU faculty, staff, and students. The repository is intended to make material such as research, publications, data, and historical documents openly available. Find out more about the ScholarsArchive research collection by visiting the links below:


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The following are examples of materials that can be housed in ScholarsArchive:

Faculty: Research materials (i.e. working papers, preprints, etc.), publications (articles, books, databases, etc.), presentations, data sets, etc.
Students: Published articles or materials, honors theses, senior projects or performances, grant-funded projects, etc. Regular class papers are generally not included.
Campus: Special lectures, newsletters, conference proceedings/events (maps, programs, submissions), etc.
Journals: Journals produced or edited by BYU faculty, staff, or students (submission workflows, past issues, future issues, etc.).


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