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Data Management Training at the Library

During this year’s Spring Term, the Scholarly Communications Committee at the Harold B. Lee Library sponsored its first Data Management Training class for graduate students and faculty. The two-hour training was designed to give researchers an overview on organizing, storing, and sharing data for theses, dissertations, and other scholarly works. Here are a few slides shared by Emily Darowski and Elizabeth Smart during the training (full slides can be viewed at http://guides.lib.byu.edu/datamanagement):

Training was also presented by Peter Midgley on copyright law and how it pertains to scholarly works. More information on copyright can be found here: https://copyright.byu.edu/

In a survey sent out after the class, 100% of participants indicated that they would recommend the training to a friend. Expanded Data Management Training classes are planned for future semesters and advertising for the classes will be sent to campus departments.

For inquiries about data management training, scholarly communications at BYU, or submitting works to ScholarsArchive, please contact Ellen Amatangelo at ellen_amatangelo@byu.edu.