Regulations Regarding Use

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections Library exists to preserve valuable books and manuscripts and to make them available for research. These regulations are not intended to hamper research, but to provide access to our materials in a manner than ensures their careful preservation. Readers are asked to consider our books and manuscripts as a permanent resource for future scholarship, and to treat them accordingly.

Books and Manuscripts

  • Researchers must provide acceptable photo-identification each time materials are requested
  • Approval is granted on an item basis, and is limited to those who show scholarly intent
  • Collections may only be used in the reading room (1130 HBLL). Materials may not be removed for any reason
  • Only loose sheets of paper, pencils, essential reference books, and laptops or handhelds that can be taken into the reading room. Personal possessions (briefcases, backpacks, phones, jackets, etc.) must be placed in a locker
  • Limited copy service is provided by department staff. For more information, see our copy request policy
  • The department reserves the right to refuse or limit the use of materials. Failure to observe departmental regulations can be cause for denial of access
  • Theft or mutilation of documents or books is a crime that will be prosecuted


  • All materials must be handled with great care. Researchers must not lean on materials or trace, write on, or fold them. Manuscripts must be kept in the order received and may not be removed from folders. Only one folder at a time may be removed from a manuscript box
  • Permission to publish, wholly or in part, from manuscript collections or photographs or to broadcast or perform for profit any recording or videotape, other than fair use excerpts as specified in the copyright law, must be sought in writing from the department. Researchers are responsible for securing permission to publish from materials under copyright. In most instances the department does not hold this copyright
  • Researcher should cite the full name of the collection and of the institution as the source of manuscripts or photographs used in published or unpublished works. Example: Newel K. Whitney collection (Vault MSS 76), L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University. In citing university records, use the following format: Department of History records (UA 1113), Brigham Young University Archives.


  • Before employing any material from the William A. Wilson Folklore Archives, please inspect the documents to ensure that all informants you wish to cite have signed a release form stating that they have consented to such citation. If no release form exists, you are required by law to use a pseudonym in the quoting of any informant or, you may simply refer to the item’s collector. In addition, irrespective of the above, you must always cite an item’s collector.

Last Modified: May 30, 2013

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