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“I Found It In the Archives!”

October is American Archives Month and to celebrate the occasion the L. Tom Perry Special Collections curators will be holding an Open House this Friday, September 28 from 4:30 pm to 7:00 pm and Saturday, September 29 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Special Collections Classroom, Room 1130 of the Harold B. Lee Library.

Participating curators include Gordon Daines, Tom Wells, Larry Draper, Jim D’Arc, and Trevor Alford with contributions from Jeff Mahas, John Murphy, and Kristi Young.

Since the curators will be present with displays of significant items from their collections, the Open House presents a rare opportunity for the general public to converse one-on-one with the curators of each collection.  Each curator is a wealth of knowledge and shares fascinating facts about the items they’ve acquired and their significance to history and society.

A sampling of items will be on display from all areas of Special Collections.

There will be the unique opportunity to view the beauty of chromolithographic printing in the reproduction of Thomas Moran’s watercolors of the American West, said to be the greatest example of such printing ever done – a spectacularly beautiful display.

For World War II buffs, the Don Gilmore Christenson journals record his encounters with NAZI Brown Shirts and Gestapo agents as World War II begins to unfold.  There will also be German Propaganda on display, representing how Hitler used persuasive argument with his countrymen.

From LDS church history there will be an unpublished manuscript of a revelation given to Joseph Smith in 1832, a letter from President James Buchanan to Thomas Kane to negotiate a truce in the supposed Mormon insurrection, the diary of Levi Jackman who was part of the original pioneer company in 1847, a rare 1942 edition of The Book of Mormon, a 1969 English edition of The Book of Mormon using phonic characters for non-English speaking members, and much more.

From BYU history one will find a UA 716 sweater, coat and hat belonging to a 1930s student at BYU; early photos of Cosmo the Cougar shortly after his unveiling in 1953, an issue of White and Blue which was a student newspaper and literary magazine, and material which highlights the influence of BYU graduates, faculty, and students on Popular Culture including Aaron Eckhart, Stephanie Meyer, and Julie Stoffer.

There will also be pencil drawings from Jessica Day George, author of Dragon Slippers and early drafts of Faking It by Jeanette Rallison, which was later published as My Double Life.

Come join us as we delve into the vault and discover what you can find in the archives!

(Special Collections is located on the first level of the Harold B. Lee Library, two floors down from the main floor.)

Image Use courtesy of L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT 84602. (Image call# UAP 2 Folder 257; Title: A helicopter lowers an antenna in place on top of the Harris Fine Arts Center March 11 1968)

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