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Harold B. Lee Library COVID-19 Update Friday, March 27

Shifting to Virtual Services

Effective this Friday, March 27, the library building will remain open during regular hours, but all service points will be closed and patrons will be referred to virtual platforms such as chat and email. The library hopes to eliminate, as much as possible, employees’ physical interactions with patrons.

Patrons will still be able to check out many of our physical items using the self-checkout machines and we will provide a phone number they can call for help if needed. We will continue to retrieve books requested through the online holds system. Patrons will be able to pick up their materials at the help desk on level 3. Patrons will then need to utilize the self-checkout machine before taking items from the building.

The level 3 help desk is also answering questions via Zoom. There will be no face-to-face help, but patrons can talk to library staff via the computer at the desk.


Do You Have Questions?

You can chat with librarians from home via https://lib.byu.edu/chat/?url=https://lib.byu.edu/



The library is open regular hours, 7:00 am until midnight.

This is subject to change.

We recommend checking the library hours page when planning a visit.

The library will be closed on Sundays until further notice.

All Help Desks, with the exception of the Main Help Desk on level 3, will be operating with reduced hours, from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.

The Main Help Desk will continue to operate during regular hours.



When necessary the library may close the south doors. We suggest patrons plan on using the library’s main entrance on the north side of the building (the glass atrium).


Reduced Hours

The L. Tom Perry Special Collections are operating with reduced hours and will close on Friday, March 27. They are open from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm today. The reading room is limited to 10 patrons at a time.


Help For Students

Students struggling with research are encouraged to contact subject librarians via their Research Guides. We also offer Chat with a librarian.


Limited Services

The Family History Library is closed until further notice.  Materials, including books and microfilm, can be paged from this area. Just ask at the Help Desk on level 3.

The Family Friendly Study Room is closed until further notice.

The Education in Zion Gallery in the JFSB has closed until further notice.

The RWC (Research and Writing Center) consultation space is closed to the public but services will continue to be provided online at rwc.byu.edu.

The library Group Study Rooms (GSRs) have been converted into “Media Studios” for instructors who need a space to teach online. Training for faculty and instructors who wish to use Zoom is available online or by contacting the Patron Service Department.

Faculty Delivery Services have changed. Due to the number of departments on campus that have closed we will no longer be able to deliver books to faculty. Books can still be requested and picked up in person at the Central Help Desk on level 3.

The library has multiple restrooms on each level. We are closing some restrooms on levels 1, 2, 4, and 5 to free up our building care team to sanitize more high-traffic areas. The small restrooms in the southwest corner of level 3 will also be closed.

Our support of the Federal Depository Library Program has been disrupted due to our closure of library service points. We will be unable to page government documents during the COVID-19 event.


Due Dates

The library is happy to adjust the due dates for your checked out items. Please call 801-422-6061 or email library@byu.edu.


Multimedia and Technology

The library’s “Experiential Lab” (formerly the Media Center), on level 4 is open from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm. Equipment checkout is available from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Priority will be given to faculty and equipment check out to students will be handled on a case by case basis.

Software training classes have been cancelled. The iMacs from level 4 are being repurposed and relocated for instructors who need devices to teach online.


Remote Resources

The library’s online resources are available. BYU faculty, students, and staff can log in remotely for access to almost all of our resources. (Our team is looking into the few digital resources that are only accessible in our building.) Our databases, electronic journals, streaming services, and eBooks are available through our website, lib.byu.edu. We recommend that faculty and students visit the Research Guides for the topics related to their courses.



All library events for the semester have been cancelled. This includes lectures, music, films, workshops, and conferences. We are discouraging large groups from visiting the First Vision and other exhibitions in the library. We have created an online version of the First Vision exhibition for people to enjoy before conference week. Click here to see it.


Preventative Efforts

The library custodial staff has adjusted their routine to include more cleaning of door handles and frequently-touched surfaces. Hand sanitizer should be available at numerous locations throughout the building.

We are relocating sections of furniture to encourage individual study and asking patrons not to study in large groups. Guides to social distancing have been posted in all of the study areas and we are checking to make sure chairs are not being moved by patrons.

We have reduced our in-house staffing by having employees work off-site where possible. Check our Research Guides for your librarian’s contact information or use the chat system.

We encourage patrons to use online resources first. If a visit to the library building is necessary, we ask everyone to practice social distancing, avoid touching staff, and use hand sanitizer and/or wash hands frequently. Please visit the university’s Covid-19 information page for the latest on the university’s response.