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We have Blu-rays in Music & Dance!

Over the past two years, Music & Dance has begun collecting music and dance performances, and video productions on music and dance topics in the Blu-ray format. Blu-ray discs are identical in size and shape to DVDs and CDs, but they deliver much higher quality audio and video. Blu-ray discs require two new pieces of technological equipment to be viewed, however: a Blu-ray player and a high-definition television (HDTV). Although Blu-ray technology has been available in the market since 2006, only in the last few years has a critical mass of content availability, consumer base who have purchased HDTVs, and lower-priced technology allowed the format to emerge as one of the most popular video formats. Indeed, Blu-ray discs cost only a few dollars more. The other emerging video format of preference is digital copies and/or streaming video, which can also be high (HD) quality. Libraries, however, are unable to collect in these formats due to licensing restrictions. Therefore the Library, interested in preserving and promoting our cultural heritage with the best quality resources available, has decided to purchase more and more materials in the Blu-ray format.

So far, Music & Dance has ninety-one Blu-ray discs in its circulating video collection. Another forty-six titles will be added in the next month or two. A complete list can be found here:


Here are a few interesting facts about this collection:

Total Blu-ray titles: 91

Total circulation of Blu-ray titles: 285

The top ten circulating titles account for 46% of the total circulation of the collection

The highest-circulating title is Disney’s Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 2-Blu-ray disc set, followed by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.  The highest circulating music performance is Puccini’s La bohème, from a 2010 production at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

71.4% of the Blu-ray collection has circulated at least once

Here’s a breakdown of the types of titles in the collection:

  • 35% are operas or oratorios
  • 16% are popular music concerts and documentaries
  • 14% are ballets
  • 14% are Hollywood musical films
  • 14% are symphonic works
  • 6% are solo/chamber music
  • 1% is world music
Don’t have a Blu-ray player? The Music & Dance Media Lab has two public workstations where you can view Blu-ray media. The Media Center in the Library also has a room with a big-screen HDTV and surround sound where you and up to 4-5 others can view Blu-ray discs as well. Come check out a few titles today and enjoy! Undergraduates and BYU staff may check out DVDs and Blu-rays from Music & Dance for one week at a time; graduate students, BYU faculty, and administrative staff may check them out for two weeks at a time. These items may not be renewed online.
Or, if you aren’t interested in Blu-rays, perhaps we could interest you in one of over 240 new DVDs added to our collection in 2011? How about over 600 new CDs?

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