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These institutions, libraries and archives house Mormon collections (materials about the Mormon religion or individual Mormons). Mormon collections may include references or documents related to Mormon women, embedded within men’s papers. Some Mormon collections are materials about or belonging to a Mormon woman, and perhaps housed in her name. Our goal is to list archives that have significant Mormon collections which contain materials about Mormon women, or specific women’s collections. We welcome information about any Mormon woman’s collections, here.

Mormon Collections inside Utah

Brigham Young University – Harold B. Lee Library L. Tom Perry Special Collections

LDS Church Historical Department Archives

LDS Church History Library, Salt Lake City
LDS Family History Library, Salt Lake City

Southern Utah University – Gerald R. Sheratt Library
Southern Utah University – Special Collections

University of Utah – J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah – Special Collections

Utah Valley University College

Utah State Archives
Utah State Historical Society
Utah State University – Merrill-Cazier Library

Utah State University – Special Collections

Weber State University – Stewart Library

Weber State University – Special Collections

Mormon Collections inside the U.S.

Arizona Pioneers Historical Library
Arizona State University – Special Collections

University of Arizona – Special Collections

BYU-Hawaii Library
BYU-Idaho – McKay Library
BYU-Idaho – Special Collections

California State Historical Society
California State University at Fullerton – Oral History archives
Claremont Graduate University
University of California Berkeley – Special Collections Bancroft Library

University of California Los Angeles

Chicago Historical Society
Colorado Historical Society

University of Colorado, Denver
University of Colorado, Boulder
Community of Christ Archives, Independence
Community of Christ Historian’s Office (and archives)
Community of Christ Library

Harvard Divinity School – Andover Library

Harvard University – Houghton Library

Harvard University – Widener Library
Woman’s Exponent
University of Hawaii, Manoa – Special Collections

University of Hawaii, Hilo – Collections
Huntington Library, San Marino, CA

Idaho State Historical Society
Idaho State University – Special Collections

University of Idaho – Special Collections
Illinois State Historical Society

University of Illinois –
Iowa State Historical Society

Library of Congress

Montana Historical Society
University of Montana – Special Collections
University of Michigan

Nebraska State Historical Society
Historical Society of New Mexico
University of New Mexico – Special Collections
The New York Public Library – Special Collections – Manuscripts Division

Oregon Historical Society

Princeton University – Special Collections
Princeton University – Firestone Library – Western Americana Collection

San Diego Historical Society
San Francisco Historical Society
Stanford University

Washington State Historical Society
University of Washington – Special Collections
Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio
Wisconsin Historical Society
Wyoming Historical Society
University of Wyoming Libraries

Yale University – Special Collections 

Yale University – Beinecke Library

Mormon Collections outside the U.S.

Glenbow Historical Library in Alberta, Canada
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
University of Calgary, Alberta Province, Canada

Last Modified: April 8, 2016