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A bibliography of books about women in the Middle East in a RefWorks database.

Many of the entries were taken from the book, Women in the Middle East and North Africa: an Annotated Bibliography by Ayad al-Qazzaz which includes abstracts.  A few other abstracts have been included for more current works and, over time, more abstracts will be added.

Guidelines for inclusion:

  1. Mostly books (a few articles)
  2. English language only
  3. Publication date from early 1900s to present
  4. Non-fiction only but includes memoirs and personal essays
  5. Covers Middle East and North Africa although some general works on Islam are included if they discuss the ME area.
  6. Time coverage is from 600 AD so from Islamic time forward but most of the books deal with modern times.

RefWorks is a bibliography manager – items can be exported from online catalogs and periodical indexes into a reference list.  The entire database or portions of it can be transported into whatever style format desired.  This bibliography is in a RefShare module which means it can be accessed through a URL. 

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