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Documentary Review | The Power of Mothers

The Power of Mothers (PN 1995.96 .E2 F57 2001) is a documentary about the powerful effect that mothers have on the family, institutions, economics, and society as a whole. Not only are mothers the primary influence on children and their development, they have an influence that reaches farther and effects all types of institutions. When we enable mothers to do their best through sufficient support, we are in turn enabling change and improvement in all other aspects of society.

I found this documentary very interesting and insightful. As a woman, I felt it was an empowering film to watch, and it encourages all of us to step up to the plate. With all the information and commentary shared, I did feel that it at times became a little redundant. The film could have summed up its purpose in half the time that it actually took. Besides this, it was a first rate film and recommend it to anyone as it applies to all.

Written by: Hannah McBride

Streaming Documentary Review | The Moving Kitchen

A series looking at immigrant chefs and their impact on modern cuisine. The series follow different chefs across the United States and chronicles their stories all of which came from humble beginnings. The story each chef has to tell is an incredible inside look on the impact of immigration on american cuisine and community impact.

I loved this series because it shows the wonderful food of different cultures and how they all come together in a different country to give people a unique taste that they won’t find anywhere else. If you enjoy stories of overcoming a lot of trials and problems this is the series for you. After watching and hearing their stories you’ll feel like you can do and eat anything.

Written by: Tomas Barriga

Movie Review | Wadjda

Wadjda is a ten year old girl who lives in Saudi Arabia, but isn’t exactly the most obedient child. One day, because of her friend, Wadjda decides that she is going to buy a bike—so she goes to a store and picks out a bike. The bike is quite out of her price range, but she makes friends with the store owner and he reserves the bike for her. To come up with the money Wadjda joins the religious club in order to enter a competition to win enough money to buy the bike. There are a couple of unexpected turns at the end of the movie which make it great.

I thought this was a great foreign film. I usually don’t watch foreign films, and needless to say I’m not an expert, but I would definitely recommend this one. Wadjda really is a spunky, funny, likable little girl, and you can’t help rooting for her. The story is really quite simple, but out of the ordinary at the same time, which is refreshing since so many movies today are so fantastical. This is a great film that is inspiring and encourages us to pursue our dreams.

Written by: Aaron Conrad

Movie Review | Happiness

Happiness is an interesting and eye-opening documentary that focuses on a boy in Bhutan who is sent to become a monk because his mother doesn’t have the money to send him to school. He doesn’t really like the monastery, but he can’t really do anything else and just has to accept his fate for now. The village he is growing up in is becoming modernized with television and internet, and life as they know it is changing. We get a glimpse into his life and the manner of living of his village.

It was really eye-opening for me to see how the people of this village lived. They seemed so worn out to me, but yet they weren’t angry or mean. Their lives seemed so simple without all the distractions that surround us, but their lives also seemed really dull. I thought that the film did a good job of portraying the everyday lives of the people in this village, and it was so interesting to see how they lived. This is more of a slow paced documentary, but still engaging and well made. I would for sure recommend this film.

Written by: Aaron Conrad

LinkedIn Learning Review | Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

This video course was a very interesting self-help to better habits and a better mindset. It was very helpful and inspired me to make changes to not only be a better employee but a better person. This LinkedIn learning experience talked about becoming more aware of yourself, your emotions and how you react to situations in order to enhance your social awareness and ability to manage relationships with others inside and outside the work force. Changing perspective, empathizing, and learning to effectively listen and communicate are also factors that Roberts touched on in her course. I think that this is very applicable to all and to any situation, so I would recommend it to anyone interested in improving their emotional intelligence, learning more about themselves, and becoming a stronger employee and individual.

Written by: Hannah McBride

Movie Review | Princess Mononoke

A young prince trying to protect his kingdom is cursed and does not have long left to live. He is forced out of the village by the elders in order to seek a cure for his curse and by doing so becomes entangled in a journey to protect a sacred forest that may hold the solution to his plague. With the help of the fierce Princess Mononoke, the prince must do all he can to ensure his curse does not spread and cause more havoc.

This film was a beautiful work of art that depicted the struggle between man, nature, and the necessary balance in order to sustain and support life and love. While some may not enjoy animated films because they appear childish or not moving. This film delves deep into the effects of industrialism and the human psyche in its quest for dominance. A stunning visual work that I wholeheartedly recommend to fans of intelligent filmmaking.

Written by: Tomas Barriga

Software Training Class Review | PowerPoint Infographics

I went to the PowerPoint Infographics class held at the software training lab. It was a super easy way to learn about how to use make your own infographics and it’s in a class where everyone is on the same level. I liked that it was free and available to any student that wants to sign up. I chose this class since info-graphics are a super easy way to convey information and statistics in a format that is simple to understand and pleasing to the eyes. It wasn’t intimidating to be there and the teachers, Naomi and Josh, made it really easy to follow along. They went at a good pace and asked if there were any questions we had periodically, they made it fun by cracking jokes the whole class. I liked that they showed multiple ways to do infographics, whether that be what sites to look on or just making your own. I took it since I’m a communications major and it would help with sending out information to people. I definitely don’t think there is a need for having multiple sessions for this class, it’s simple enough to be taught in one 50 minute class.

Written by: Tiffany Chao

LinkedIn Learning Review | Photoshop CC 2019 One-on-One Fundamentals

LinkedIn Learning has many great video tutorials on various software programs including Photoshop, Light room, InDesign and many others. This particular tutorial by Deke McClelland on Photoshop does an outstanding job of teaching the basics of Photoshop and some of the most effective techniques to learn and understand Adobe Photoshop. Throughout the tutorials. He goes over basic photo correction skills like blurring out imperfections or editing out aspects of your photograph. He also spends a lengthy amount of time on color fixations and how to manipulate various colors on the project you are working on. Something that I particularly liked was his lesson on formatting and saving projects once you have completed your edits.

Overall I felt that this tutorial was extremely helpful and gave me a larger understanding of Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is an extremely complicated program and it would take many hours practicing and using it in order to become an expert on all of its editing tools. However, this video was successful in the purpose of being a beginner’s tutorial. Deke McClelland does a great job of introducing each topic in his lessons. However, he does tend to become a bit boring as you get further along into the videos. It also was a little difficult to apply the lesson being taught due to the complicated various steps that are required to use certain tools in the program. I would recommend opening up Photoshop while watching these videos are playing and pausing the video to practice the skill. I enjoyed taking this tutorial, even though it is a bit lengthy. It has helped me become a better photographer and has aided me in working more effectively on my edits. I am now more confident and less intimidated when I need to edit a clients or friend’s photos on Photoshop. I would recommend this video to any photographer who is in need of basic Photoshop skills or who would like some more knowledge of software under their belt.

Written by: Mallory Meng

Learning Review | Effective Listening

I took this course on Linkedin Learning because I recognize the value of good listening skills, and I wanted to learn how to become a better listener myself. Listening is a vital part of communication that plays a major role not only in the listeners understanding, but also in relationship building in any situation. The two instructors in this video series have clearly experienced communication at all levels, and have certainly thought long and hard about what makes a good listener. Some of the skills highlighted throughout the course are recognizing what kind of listening (including listening for details, understanding of the big picture, evaluative listening, and empathetic listening) one should be focusing on in various settings, overcoming obstacles that keep one from being a good listener, and doing specific things that help one become a better listener.

This video series included a lot of useful information about becoming a better listener which I am excited to implement in my own communication. Because listening is such a major part of any type or level of communication, I think this course would be useful to anyone from people trying to improve daily communication, to people who are a part of major meetings and lectures. The teachers share their thoughts in a simple and concise manner which is helpful for viewers. The teaching style and format of the videos allows viewers to recognize the different aspects of listening, and then pick a one or two things to work on at a time rather than getting overwhelmed with trying to correct everything.

Written by Jeff Stolk

TV Show Review | Bob’s Burgers: Season 3

Bob’s Burgers Season 3 (PN 1992.8 .A59 B63 2014) is a hilarious animated TV series that follows a family who owns a burger shop. Bob and his wife Linda have three uncontrollable children: Tina who is obsessed with boys, Gene who is obsessed with bodily functions and his keyboard, and finally Louise the troublemaker. This show showcases their daily lives, which usually involves a funny song by Linda and one of the kids causing a ruckus.

I thought this show was hilarious! The characters in it are so relatable and the way they interact with each other is so funny. It’s definitely one of the cleaner animated shows and the jokes are super easy to get. If you watch this, you’ll have trouble picking a favorite character because each one has their own lovable qualities!

Written by: Tiffany Chao

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