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Winter 2017 – Whiteboard Quotes

You don’t have to be a pro right now. Just keep trying. Let yourself fail. Allow yourself to be wrong. And don’t be afraid to get back up and try again. Literally everyone on earth has been there. #HBLLMediaCenter

A cute little rhyme about the stresses of college life. Just laugh! You’ll feel better! #HBLLMediaCenter

Thanks for the reminder President Monson! Do it. Do what is necessary. You’ll never regret having built up your testimony. #HBLLMediaCenter

Getting pumped for General Conference!!! #HBLLMediaCenter

Believe. Believe. Believe. It might take a miracle to pass that final. But greater more improbable things than that have already happened. You’ve got this. #HBLLMediaCenter

For those who failed a test recently, don’t give up! We’ve all been there. It’s going to be okay as long as you keep trying. #HBLLMediaCenter

Own it ladies. Own it. #HBLLMediaCenter

Admit it. You’ve also dug through the starburst package looking for pinks. You’re special! #HBLLMediaCenter

Stick to it! School’s almost out. Don’t give up. You can do it! #HBLLMediaCenter

Elder Bednar’s reminder that Love is more than the words we speak. Happy Valentine’s Day! #HBLLMediaCenter

Words of wisdom about love from the one and only Pooh Bear. Happy Valentine’s Day! #HBLLMediaCenter


Just keep hanging on. School’s almost out. You’ll get there. You can do it! #HBLLMediaCenter

According to Elder Bednar, Love is much more than just the words we speak. Happy Valentine’s day!

Words of wisdom about love from Pooh Bear. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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