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Streaming Documentary Review | Cosmopolis

http://byu.kanopystreaming.com/video/episode-5-cosmopolis-1918-1931 Cosmopolis is a documentary focusing on the economy, society, and culture found in New York City following World War I and spanning until 1931— essentially the Roaring Twenties and its downfall. It discusses in specifics the reasons behind the idealistic mindset of the twenties, as well as the cause of its abrupt and unpleasant …

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Streaming Documentary Review | Live From Bethlehem

http://byu.kanopystreaming.com/video/live-bethlehem This documentary tells the story of the Ma’an news organization, which is based in Bethlehem and run by Palestinians.  The other news sources available in the area are Israeli.  The Ma’an network is trying to tell an unbiased story of the conflict in Jerusalem.  They do this through translating and broadcasting the Israeli news, …

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Streaming Documentary Review | A Hard Day’s Night

http://byu.kanopystreaming.com/video/hard-days-night This humorous film follows Paul, John, George, and Ringo of the Beatles on a silly, fictional adventure on their way to perform. On their way to a show the band encounters screaming fans as well as adventures trying to deal with Paul’s mischievous grandfather. They also engage in their own high-jinx along the way. …

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