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Movie Review | Autism In Love

Autism In Love is a touching documentary, exploring what love looks like in the lives of those with Autism. The film follows four characters: Lenny, a single young adult, a couple going on eight years of dating, and Stephen, married for twenty years. The documentary shows the various challenges they face in love and with …

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Movie Review | Jurassic World

Jurassic World (PN 1995.9 .A3 J8723 2015) is a wonderful, fast-paced addition to the Jurassic Park franchise. This addition to the franchise brings in the amazing Chris Pratt (star in Guardians of the Galaxy). The film takes place after the original Jurassic Park movies in a time when scientists have started to breed dinosaurs again …

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Movie Review | Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed

In the German-controlled country of France, three airborne troops find themselves lost behind enemy lines during the tail end of World War II. As they struggle to meet up with the rest of their company, they come across multiple German units as well as French resistance fighters. Decisions of life and death must be made …

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Movie Review | Astérix le Gaulois

Astérix le Gaulois (PN 1995.97 .F7 F73ast 1998) is based off the classic French comic about the adventures of a village of Gauls around 50 B.C. who resist Roman occupation with their superhuman strength from a magic potion. Of course, it is centered around the character Asterix and his friend Obelix. Every time the Romans …

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Movie Review | Interstellar

In a not so far future. where earth’s crops have been devastated by a mysterious blight, humanity’s last hope lies with one of the last space cowboys, portrayed by the fabulous Matthew McConaughey. Accompanied by fellow astronaut/scientist, portrayed by Anne Hathaway, follow the journey of a lifetime as they traverse through unimaginable dangers and hardship …

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Movie Review | Peter Rabbit

The film Peter Rabbit tells the story of two humans falling in love, and a few rabbits who try to stop it from happening.  This film is live action, with animated rabbits. Peter Rabbit, voiced by James Corden, and his brothers and sisters, true to Beatrix Potter’s stories enjoy taking food from the farmer’s garden.  …

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Movie Review | From up on Poppy Hill

From up on Poppy Hill (PN 1995.97 .J3 J37kok 2013) is a Japanese foreign film that creates a unique twist on the everyday classic cartoon. The story takes place in Tokyo, the exciting and busy city of Japan. Umi, a Japanese school girl creates friendships and pairs up with her schoolmates in order to save …

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Movie Review | The Abyss

This sci-fi thriller follows a team of underwater workers who are sent on a government mission to find a sunken nuclear submarine. As the crew partners with a team of government soldiers, tensions rise and a mysterious entity appears. The main couple must work out a complicated relationship before time runs out and the whole …

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Movie Review | Dear John

This movie follows “John” and his love interest Darla, as they meet and develop a relationship (if you can even call it that) over the summer. When Darla tells him her parents don’t want her to marry someone who hasn’t served a mission, John decides to put in his papers and leave for two years. …

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Movie Review | Million Dollar Baby

The story of an underdog boxer and her old, and sometimes stubborn trainer as they defy all odds to become a contender in the boxing world. Maggie Fitzgerald was always told she was good-for-nothing and she believed it, that is, until she found her passion of boxing. After convincing Frankie Dunn to train her both …

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