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LinkedIn Learning Review | Personal Finance Tips Weekly

The video series on LinkedIn Learning I chose to watch was called Personal Finance Tips Weekly. It covered various financial topics from budgeting to stock portfolios. The videos were done by a pair of Finance Specialists that have both had their fair share of experience in personal finances and use their own personal stories to …

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LinkedIn Learning Review | Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

This video course was a very interesting self-help to better habits and a better mindset. It was very helpful and inspired me to make changes to not only be a better employee but a better person. This LinkedIn learning experience talked about becoming more aware of yourself, your emotions and how you react to situations …

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LinkedIn Learning Review | Photoshop CC 2019 One-on-One Fundamentals

LinkedIn Learning has many great video tutorials on various software programs including Photoshop, Light room, InDesign and many others. This particular tutorial by Deke McClelland on Photoshop does an outstanding job of teaching the basics of Photoshop and some of the most effective techniques to learn and understand Adobe Photoshop. Throughout the tutorials. He goes …

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Learning Review | Effective Listening

I took this course on Linkedin Learning because I recognize the value of good listening skills, and I wanted to learn how to become a better listener myself. Listening is a vital part of communication that plays a major role not only in the listeners understanding, but also in relationship building in any situation. The …

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LinkedIn Learning Review | Communicating with Confidence

I took this course on LinkedIn Learning because I often find it difficult to meaningfully express myself when speaking, especially to large groups of people. I thought that this course by Jeff Ansell was very helpful. In the course, Ansell did a great job and focusing on one aspect of communication at a time. He …

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