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Documentary Review | Journal for People: Takagi Masakatsu

An artistic collection of Takagi Masakatsu’s work, tastefully put together and edited in beautiful meant for fans and fellow music lovers to enjoy. It’s organized in such a way that allows the viewer to put emotion with the music. While there is no narration the melodies and sounds speak for themselves in this wonderful project. …

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Documentary Review | Senna

A documentary about Ayrton Senna and his career in Formula 1, the highest class of single-seater auto racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). A Brazilian icon that was a champion to his country and his people. He exploded onto the F1 scene in 1984 and quickly rose to fame as one of …

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Documentary Review | Julia Child! America’s Favorite Chef

Julia Child! America’s Favorite Chef (PN 1995.96 .F65 J84 2004) tells the charming story of legendary Julia Child’s beginnings and unexpected rise to fame. Julia went from a housewife who could barely boil an egg to a television star who taught all of America the art of French cooking. Julia spent the beginning part of her …

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Documentary Review | The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is a documentary that tells the story of Mark Bittner and how he has come to be a part of this extraordinary flock of parrots in San Francisco. Mark is similar to a caretaker for these birds and Mark has dedicated his life to it. He manages to be their caretaker …

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Documentary Review | In Search of Beethoven

In Search of Beethoven (PN 1995.96 .B55 I57 2010) provides an in-depth look at the life and works of one of the greatest composers of all time. This biographical documentary gives the audience a glimpse into Beethoven’s world view, giving much more context and meaning to the profound and compelling works that he composed.  Ranging …

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Documentary Review | Reformer Workout for Men

Reformer Workout for Men (PN 1995.96 .E2 R44 2015) is a live-action workout video that is taught by Moira Merrithew. This documentary stars the ripped master trainer John Garey who demonstrates an intricate workout plan to boost athletic performance in strength and agility. This documentary features 19 different workouts that are designed to specially help prevent …

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Documentary Review | Being: Liverpool

Being: Liverpool is a documentary featuring the lives of those involved on the Liverpool Football club team. As the manager has to manage trade deadlines, logistics, and coaching for his team, the stresses of life pile on. Thousands of fans unknowingly count on him, expecting each season of Liverpool to be more memorable than the …

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Documentary Review | Jazz, The Adventure

Jazz, The Adventure (PN 1995.96 .J37 J39 2000 pt.8) is the eighth episode of a ten part series by Ken Burns on the history of America’s gift to the world: Jazz. This episode covers a unique period of success, fading, and heartache for jazz artists. Miles Davis triumphs over his addiction, unlike many artists at the …

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Documentary Review | The War Room

While a romantic would likely praise the American voting system for being a institution that triumphs the people, a realist would possibly counter that forces such as political machinations and the electoral college are what actually determines the nation’s leaders and normal people have little sway.  Without either confirming or denying either of these two …

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Documentary Review | Unborn in the USA: Inside the War on Abortion

Unborn in the USA is a documentary following the pro-life movement in the United States. It begins with the actions of Christian Institute as they set up displays on college campuses. It then expands with other groups protesting the current abortion laws. The film shows many interactions between pro-life and pro-choice groups, however, it shows …

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