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Intervista ( PN 1995.97 .I7 I73int 2005) is a very peculiar movie about a Japanese film crew that is interviewing an Italian director who is filming his own film. Sound confusing? It was! The film, for the most part, follows this Japanese film crew as they talk with the Italian director. I am not sure how accurate this film is in portraying what it is like to be on a movie set and produce a film, but I did find how they showed it to be quite interesting.

I gave this film a 1/5 star rating because frankly, it did not make very much sense. There was little background information for any of the “characters”, and it ended up being quite boring. Imagine this…you are watching a film about a documentary that is being shot by a third party who are interviewing the “actors” you are watching. The film had almost no progression. I would only recommend this film to those who are heavily invested in learning about the media arts.

Written by: Jared McGrail

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