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Documentary Review | Exploring Space: The Quest for Life

This documentary tackles the interesting question of whether or not life is possible off of Earth. The documentary features interviews with several experts as they discuss the possibility of other life-forms in the universe. Much of the documentary is centered on the possibility of finding life on Mars, and making Mars habitable for future generations of humans. There are varying opinions and evidences cited throughout, and I feel that there is a good case made for both sides (some supporting the theory of whether Mars could be made habitable, and some claiming that it is not at all reasonable in the foreseeable future).

I thought that this documentary covered an interesting topic and certainly includes thoughts of some very knowledgeable scientists. I enjoyed learning about the research that has already gone into studying the question of whether life exists, or can exist off of planet Earth. While there was certainly some interesting information shared, I found this documentary to be dry. That being said, it was well-made and someone who is more interested in the subject matter would likely find the documentary to be quite enjoyable.

Written by: Jeff Stolk

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