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Movie Review | Invictus

In this inspiring film we follow Nelson Mandela after he has just been elected president and  the South African Rugby team in their efforts to turn everything around in time for the World Cup. Mandela is an extraordinary man who is determined to change South Africa; after having been imprisoned for 27 years, he was now ready to lead the nation, and lead it by example. After he was elected there were some people that wanted to get rid of the national rugby team’s colors and name because it represented oppression to them, but Mandela wouldn’t allow it as it would only feed the cycle of fear and revenge. The rugby team was saved but they were still terrible and in need of much improvement for the world cup. We get to experience history as Mandela and the Springbok’s come together for the good of South Africa.

I thought that this movie was amazing! In my book this is definitely one of the greatest sports films. It had a good balance between sports and the world outside of sports and it was also great to learn about Nelson Mandela and see the inspiring person that he was. I thought that the acting was good; any movie with Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman has to be good. Overall this is a great inspiring film that I would recommend.

Written by: Aaron Conrad

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