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Movie Review | Rocky III

In Rocky III, Balboa is beginning to taste the fruits of his success. While he spends his time enjoying the perks of fame, a new competitor is working his way to the top. Will he have the strength and endurance to take on this new menacing challenger, Clubber Lang? There will be training montages, blood, sweat, more than enough muscle, more sweat, and even more training montages.

This film is a Sylvester Stallone classic, featuring the one and only Mr. T. This classic is filmed well and the acting is at the peak of 80’s acting. Because of this, I rated it 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it, If you like action, if you enjoy boxing, if you pity da fool, then this is the movie for you. Will Rocky find the eye of the tiger, will he come out on top? Watch it to find out!

Written by: Hannah McBride

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