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Legacy is a stirring documentary about a family’s struggle to overcome hardships on a journey to a better life. At the tragic loss of a loved one, this family’s whole life is flipped upside down. Throughout the years following the tragedy, the family is faced with two options—they can either stay dependent on welfare just trying to survive in a dangerous neighborhood, or they can work against the odds to earn a more stable, happier way. The documentary offers an in-depth look at the struggles of gang violence, drug addiction, and poverty and how this family works hard to avoid and overcome these things.

This is a very well-made documentary. It offers a great insight into the life of a family that has had so many hardships thrown its way. For me, the crowning aspect of this documentary is its portrayal of hard work, unity, and hope for a better future (for self and for loved ones) becoming the perfect motivating influences for change. The documentary tackles very real issues and the film-makers chose the perfect family for the desired effects/story. I would recommend this documentary to anyone who may be interested in what life is like in some of the more dangerous neighborhoods of the United States.

Written by: Jeff Stolk

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