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TV Show Review | Lost: Season Two

In season one of lost, the survivors of a mysterious plane crash were just trying to survive. Now, in season two, they are desperate to escape and return home. But as they try new things, new mysteries and problems arise, such as the discovery of fellow survivors and the island, the scary inhabitants who were there long before them, and a secretive experimental initiative. With these frightening new complexities, how will Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and the rest of the passengers react?

I liked season two a lot better than season one. I thought that the new characters were super interesting as they added a much needed refreshing aspect to the original cast. I was also happy that this season learned more about the “others” and who they are, all the while still keeping the mystery. I think the directors set up for season three well, and I am excited to start!

Written by: Michelle Greenwood

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