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Streaming Documentary Review | Infinite Football

After an unfortunate accident playing soccer, a young Romanian boy broke his leg and was never able to play again. Fast forward 27 years, and this man has become obsessed with uncovering the reasons to his accident and discovering how to change the rules to soccer so that the tragic injury won’t happen to anyone else. This documentary follows along as he comes up with new unique strategies to change the way soccer is played.

It was interesting to see the new ideas proposed in this documentary, but the end result seemed so different from the original that it could be an entirely new game. If the new rules did end up making it into higher level leagues, it is likely that they wouldn’t be very popular, the sport would lose interest. I also didn’t think the documentary explained the rules well enough. Instead, it showed random, unnecessary scenes, such as a city council meeting over a land dispute. I do think that the new rules make an interesting game, and I am open to see how it goes.

Written by: Michelle Greenwood

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