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Archive: September 6th, 2019

Movie Review | Here and There

Pedro lives in a small town in Mexico, but has been away working in the United States. We watch as he comes home to his family and works to build his relationship with them and spend time with them. Things are going well despite some health complications, but in the end Pedro loses his job …

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Streaming Documentary Review | Infinite Football

After an unfortunate accident playing soccer, a young Romanian boy broke his leg and was never able to play again. Fast forward 27 years, and this man has become obsessed with uncovering the reasons to his accident and discovering how to change the rules to soccer so that the tragic injury won’t happen to anyone …

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TV Show Review | Lost: Season Two

In season one of lost, the survivors of a mysterious plane crash were just trying to survive. Now, in season two, they are desperate to escape and return home. But as they try new things, new mysteries and problems arise, such as the discovery of fellow survivors and the island, the scary inhabitants who were …

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