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Documentary Review | Nobody Knows

This is a Japanese foreign film about a group of siblings that must stick together when their mother leaves them. At the start of the film they move into a new apartment with their mother and for just a little bit of the movie their mother is with them. Soon she leaves though, saying that she is going to work, but she is really leaving them to have fun. The four siblings are left in the charge of Akira, who is 12 years old. At the start they have some money, but it isn’t long before that runs low, and Akira struggles to provide for his family. Fortunately Akira finds aid in a friend so he is not completely alone.

This movie was fascinating and  had a way of pulling me into the film. It was a very realistic film and despite the fact that its story line is very sad in itself, it wasn’t a dark, sad film, although there are some very sad parts. The acting was good; the main actor even won an award. It is a very touching film, and I would definitely recommend this foreign film. I give it 5 stars.

Written by: Aaron Conrad

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