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Documentary Review | The Magic of Illusion

The Magic of Illusion is an interesting documentary that is both informative and entertaining. It explains much of our perspectives of art in a historical and efficient way. It is beautiful to watch if you like art, because it explains why so much of the art in Florence was so revolutionary. The music played in it is classical and renaissance. It does a remarkable job of interpreting the art from the renaissance period. The object of the film is to explain more about how the illusion of 3D in paintings was developed, which still impacts us today.

I really enjoyed watching this documentary. It explains why art in the Renaissance period was so revolutionary, and it does it in a manner that those who don’t know about art, like me, may still understand it and admire what was done in those times.  The music in it really suited the documentary to enhance the viewer’s experience. I gave this documentary a 4/5 because it really was interesting, but I’m not that into art. I would have liked it more if they had related it to those who don’t fare too well with art. But again, it was still good.

Written by: Jeshua Osorio

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