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Documentary Review | America at War: World War II, Volume 8

America at War: World War II, Volume 8 (PN 1995.96 .W3 A44 2009 vol.8) is part of a document series on the wars that America has been involved in, highlighting the end of World War II and the consequences that followed. Nazi Germany, after experiencing defeat after defeat, scramble to protect their secrets and treasures at all costs. Last efforts to turn the tide of the war are made but to no avail, the Allies’ victory is in sight. But ending the war was hardly the end at all. Years of liberation, reparations, and trials prove just how costly—including human, societal, and cultural sufferings—this war turned out to be.

This documentary is a very powerful film on the horrors and crimes of war on all sides. It included real footage of the times and testimonials from a variety of people involved in the war and aftermath. It was an incredible film, despite being hard to watch at times. I believe it so important for everyone to remember what happened, so it will not be forgotten but instead be learned from. I highly recommend this film to all, although it can be a bit graphic for younger ages.

Written by: Hannah McBride

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