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Movie Review | The Lincoln Hypothesis: A Fireside Event

This film is a recorded fireside event with Timothy Ballard. The audience is seated in the background while Brother Ballard explains his hypothesis regarding the role of religion and God in Lincoln’s life and the overall outcome of the American Civil War. Over the course of an hour, Brother Ballard explores the past starting with the topic of God preparing the people along with a promised land for a temple, and then relates that pattern to the era of Joseph Smith till the time of Abraham Lincoln.

I found the filming of this interesting. It takes place within an enclosed room with a captive audience, yet uses many graphic visuals to keep the attention of the viewer. The entire presentation is well organized and progresses smoothly. The content itself interweaves historical facts with spiritual material to create a genuine argument for a unique hypothesis. I highly recommend it to anyone with a passion for history or religion.

Written by: Spencer Bradford

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