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Documentary Review | Endless Summer

In one of his first documentaries ever, Bruce Brown follows his California friends, Mike and Robert, around the world as they embark to find the perfect wave. Mike and Robert are both talented American surfers who explore the world in search of the best well-hidden surfing locations. Along the way, they learn about many different cultures and bond with several locals over the sport of surfing. Because many of the best waves appear in the winter, this thrilling film truly feels like an endless summer.

The photography of this film is absolutely amazing. It isn’t easy capturing surfers in action, but Brown accomplishes it by jumping in the water along with everyone else. Brown also narrates the film, which serves as the only dialogue. He does an excellent job of explaining what his pals are doing, and charms the audience with his humor and sarcasm. The upbeat surf music also helps viewers feel like they too are partaking in this sunny and fun adventure.

Written by: Michelle Greenwood

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