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Documentary Review | James Dean: Sense Memories

James Dean: Sense Memories (PN 1995.96 .B55 J347 2005) is a documentary on this movie stars’ last year of life. James Dean was only just beginning to taste success, when he died in a crash at age 24 on his way to a sports car racing competition. That year, he starred in three films, leaving behind …

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Movie Review | Armageddon

Armageddon is a thrilling, action packed, intense movie filled with humor. The main character, Harry Stamper, is an expert driller, probably the best in the world. Faced with an impossible task, NASA finds an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. They call upon Harry Stamper to go to space, and with his team, drill …

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Movie Review | Lightning

Lightning! (PN 1995.95 .W37 L53 2004) is a fascinating documentary about the study of lightning.  This film follows various scientific teams as they set out to better understand the properties of storms.  It was truly fascinating to learn about the science behind storms.  As well, the information presented by the scientists was very clear and …

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Movie Review | Under the Same Moon

Under the Same Moon (PN 1995.97 .S6 M49lam 2008) features a story of a young boy and his mother’s love for him. Carlitos, a young boy from Mexico, receives a call from his mother every Sunday. His mom left to the U.S. four years prior and has been sending him money every month with promises that …

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Documentary Review | Silicon Valley

A documentary focusing on the rise and dominance of silicon valley and the many people who facilitated this change to American business. It showcases many of the interwoven stories of individuals who took incredible risks to change a culture that they felt was outdated and not effective. The story focuses mainly on Robert Noyce, the …

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Documentary Review | Ben Franklin

This documentary about one of our most prominent founding fathers is an in-depth look at the life of this inventor/politician. The documentary talks about Ben Franklin throughout different times of his life. He starts out as a poor yet ambitious young man who quickly makes a name for himself as a businessman in Philadelphia. The …

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Documentary Review | War Photographer

War photographer (PN 1995.96 .P43 W47 2003) is a motivating documentary that captures the essence of James Nachtwey, a photographer, who travels to war hot spots looking for a picture that is worthy of publishing. This documentary takes the audience into the world of photography and tries to portray how photographers have to step out …

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Documentary Review | Grey Gardens

Grey Gardens is a film centered around the decaying house and lives of Jackie Kennedy’s cousin and aunt, Edie and Edith Beale. Once a beautiful mansion, now condemned and decaying quickly, the subjects of this strange film hold onto their home and with it, their very sanity, refusing to leave literally and metaphorically. Yet as “Little” …

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Documentary Review | Africa’s Great Civilizations

This documentary tells the story of some of Africa’s great civilizations, and if you’re like me, a lot of this will be new information. Among the great civilizations shown was Egypt. The film shows some amazing architecture, among which are a lot of pyramids. The pyramids they made are honestly just incredible. I didn’t realize …

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Documentary Review | The Arbor

In 1990, talented playwright Andrea Dunbar died suddenly at age 29. Dunbar was famous for her play The Arbor, which was written before she turned 18. This documentary describes her distressing upbringing in the slums, and how her tragic death affected her three children. Andrea’s story leads to a path of self-discovery for her children, …

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