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Documentary Review | The Devil’s Miner

The Devil’s Miner (PN 1995.97 .S6 U55dev 2005) is a heart wrenching documentary about Basilio, a 15-year old boy from Bolivia whose father passed away when he was very young.  With his mother unable to find work to support their family, Basilio takes it upon himself to work in the silver mines of Potosi, Bolivia.  This film shows his daily life, and the back-breaking work that he must perform every day to support his family and stay in school.  The documentary also shows the reader the culture of the Bolivian miners, as they believe in “El Tio” (The Uncle, or “devil”) who they must worship to ensure their safe passage through the mines.

This film provides the audience with an up-close and personal experience of young Basilio’s trials in life, and left me speechless.  Hopefully, this film will instill in the viewer a greater “attitude of gratitude” regarding their own circumstances in life.  As well, Basilio personally gave me a greater desire to work harder.  This young boy had the great responsibility of working 8 hours in a coal mine to support his family, and going to school part-time to pursue an education and escape from poverty.  I give this documentary 5 out of 5 stars.

Written by : Jared McGrail

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