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Movie Review | Ocean’s 13

Ocean’s 13 brings back your favorite heist crew, letting you experience the thrill of their job with them. In the 3rd installment of the Ocean’s saga, the team gets back together for one last heist, ruining an evil man’s career, taking his money, and getting the revenge that all of them sought. But in this film who is the bad guy? Although the main characters are committing crime, they only do it to a man who really deserves it. They seek revenge after what this crime boss did to their friend. So, they steal his money.

I really liked this film. Yes, it is based on not so good of standards, but it is a very well made, thrill ride of a movie. Every plot hole is taken care of, the acting is brilliant, and the story is super interesting. It’s comical, it’s exhilarating, and makes you really love the characters. It’s a great movie and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a good movie. But, there is one part that shows some nudity.

Written by: Jeshua Osorio

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