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Documentary Review | Something Unknown is Doing We Don’t Know What…

This documentary is very interesting. It speaks of things like telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, and other unnatural, supernatural, and unusual experiences. We are lead on a journey of experiences that normal day, busy life humans don’t really think about. People share their experiences on their “evolutionary destiny,” and how humans have so much more potential than just the physical realm. Many people invest time, money, and even their lives in the “Noetic Sciences,” those who wish to think deeply.

Although I am skeptical of the “facts” in this film, I do find it very interesting. People really do believe in some pretty unnatural stuff, and that is okay. No one in this film gets hurt, no one experiences anything crazy, and that’s fine. I’m not sure if I believe what happens in the film and what these people “experienced,” but I do 100% believe that supernatural events can and do occur. There is a spiritual world that most of us don’t really feel or know of. If you are looking to learn more about supernatural stuff, this is a good, entertaining document to watch.

Written by: Jeshua Osorio

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