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Documentary Review | Who Killed the Red Baron?

This documentary takes a historical look into the rising career of the feared German fighter pilot that earned the title Red Baron, and attempted to examine the dog fight that resulted in his death. During the height of WWI, the Red Baron accumulated 80 kills and was shot down trying to obtain 81. However, for decades, no one was ever truly sure to who the credit should rightfully be attributed. Finally, after a historical retelling of the events and examining newly discovered documents, experts believe they have finally solved the mystery.

Although the information within the documentary is fascinating to WWI enthusiasts, the title is slightly misleading. The mystery of his death is covered, but it occupies a relative fraction of the total run time. The rest of the film covers his beginning career as well as advancements in fighter aircraft generally. The mysterious events are wrapped up rather simply with a less than realistic reenactment. Overall, I found it interesting and worth watching.

Written by: Spencer Bradford

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