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Gimme Shelter – The Rolling Stones 1969 Tour

To use a single moment, film, or even musical group to describe the 1960s would be a mistake.  The cultural landscape changed in so many ways from 1959 to 69 that attributing one entity for all of it becomes flawed.  However, if any film or documentary comes close to really capturing the end of the …

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TV Show Review | Atlanta: Season 1

Donald Glover (also known as rapper Childish Gambino) is known by most members of my current generation as being pretty much just the best at everything he does. From fan favorite on Community, to winning Grammys for This is America and for starring as Lando Calrissian. The show revolves around Glover’s character Earn as he attempts …

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Documentary Review | Life: Part 4

The fourth, and final part, of the Life series (PN 1995.96 .N38 L53 2010 pt.4) is a beautiful finale to a breathtaking nature series. This part of the series includes the episodes about primates and about the making of the series. The episode about primates features amazing footage of our closest relatives in the animal …

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Movie Review | Unbroken

Unbroken is the miraculous survival story of Louis Zamperini. The movie is based on his real life experiences in world war 2 and the Olympics. When his plane crashes into the ocean during world war 2,  he and two other crew mates survived the crash and are left stranded with a couple of life rafts …

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Movie Review | Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name)

Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name) (PN 1995.97 .J3 J37kim 2017) is a popular animated Japanese film that covers a love story that follows two teenagers living in Japan. Mitsuha lives in the fictional town of Itomori and finds herself getting bored with the country life while Taki lives in the exciting city of Tokyo. …

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Documentary Review | The Police Tapes

The Police Tapes (PN 1995.96 .C66 P65 2006) is a realistic documentary film about the dangerous night life of cops in the Bronx in 1976. This film is created by Alan and Susan Raymond as they follow around police in the 44th precinct on foot. Being shot this way, the filmmakers take the audience into …

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Movie Review | Just Let Go

Just Let Go (PN 1995.98 .D65 J87 2015) is a film based on the true story of Chris Williams, a devoted husband and father of 5 children who lost all but two of his sons in a car accident.  The accident itself was caused by a drunk 17-year old boy who was coming home from …

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Streaming Documentary Review | Amy: The Tragic Story of Amy Winehouse

A wonderful insight to the life of a superstar taken too soon. Amy documents the late jazz singer’s meteoric rise to fame through home videos, concerts, and personal interviews with close friends, family, and record producers. The interviews narrate the film while trying to navigate through the many struggles and issues Amy herself tried to …

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Documentary Review | The O.J Verdict

The O.J. Verdict, a Frontline documentary, details the public’s reaction to the verdict reached in the controversial O.J. Simpson case. It provides background details leading up to the case, key points of evidence and argumentation, and discusses the role that race played in the trial and media coverage of the event. Commentary is provided from …

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Movie Review | The Fugitive

The Fugitive (PN 1995.9 .A3 F84 2001) is a thrilling action movie about Richard Kimble, a prison escapee on the run, determined to solve his wife’s murder without getting caught. Kimble was wrongfully convicted of killing his wife, but is determined to clear his name and find the real person behind it all, a one-armed …

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