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Movie Review | Da Zui Xia (Come Drink With Me)

Da Zui Xia (Come Drink With Me) (PN 1995.97 C4 C45daz 2002) is a classic action-packed Chinese martial arts movie featuring Cheng Pei Pei years before she would star as the villain in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. After a governor’s son is kidnapped by a group of bandits, a female warrior by the name of Golden Swallow is sent to go and rescue him. She is later aided by a beggar, Drunken Cat, as they attempt to infiltrate a corrupted monastery led by a fighter whose skills are unparalleled.

This movie was incredibly influential and set the tone for all martial arts movies that came after it.  Although the fighting skills may not be as technical as later martial art films, this movie was choreographed beautifully and the music gives a classic feel to it. There are some parts of the movie that don’t make complete sense, like this weird spray that comes out of their hands or that the first half of the movie feels like it’s taking place in a bar. Some of the English translations are wrong, but it is a good film to learn Chinese and practice listening skills. Overall, it is a good movie if you like martial arts or are interested in classic Chinese films which is why I give this movie 4/5 stars.

Written by: Tiffany Chao

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