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TV Show Review | Napoleon Dynamite: The Complete Animated Seires

Napoleon Dynamite : the complete animated series (PN 1992.8 .A59 N37 2014) is an animated television series based off the hit film Napoleon Dynamite. It includes the original cast for voicing and creates new stories to follow the characters. Simply, it is about the misadventures of a quirky teenage boy and his interactions with other social misfits of the town. His closest friends and enemies—Pedro, computer-nerd Kip, Deb, and Uncle Rico—keep the small town of Preston, Idaho interesting.

To be completely honest, this film was a total disappointment to me. After growing up watching the movie with my siblings, I expected this show to live up to the film, but was thoroughly disappointed. Although it it stays true to the characters, it does not compare to the awkward humor and plot line of the original.  If you are looking for something nostalgic and yet painfully cheesy at the same time, I would recommend this show. But for lack of creativity and living up to the mastery of the original film, I rate this show 2 out of 5 stars.

Written by: Hannah McBride

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