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Documentary Review | The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill is a documentary that tells the story of Mark Bittner and how he has come to be a part of this extraordinary flock of parrots in San Francisco. Mark is similar to a caretaker for these birds and Mark has dedicated his life to it. He manages to be their caretaker by relying on the kind donations of others. Throughout the documentary we learn about individual birds from the flock , and in the end we see that Mark must leave when they remodel where he lives. It is hard for him to leave the flock but he leaves believing that everything will work out.

The fact that there is a flock of parrots living in San Francisco is interesting, and if you are a bird lover then I definitely recommend this film to you. It is not a particularly fast paced film, but I think it was a well made documentary. It probably won’t really grab your attention unless you are really passionate about birds or nature. Overall a solid film; I give it 4 stars.

Written by: Aaron Conrad

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