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Movie Review | Yoani’s Trip

Yoani’s Trip (PN 1995.97 .P67 B73via 2016) is an incredible documentary about Yoani, a blogger from Cuba fighting for the freedom of speech in her country.  Yoani’s life has been a difficult one.  For most of her life, the Cuban government had controlled the flow of information with an iron fist.  As a result, she began writing a blog to tell the whole world the truth about what was really going on in Cuba, and promote the right to free speech.  This film follows her during her trip to Brazil where she gave various talks about the importance of free speech and free access to information.

I give this documentary 5 out 5 of stars.  It is very informative, and thrilling to watch as Yoani bravely goes against great odds to bring about serious social change.  I recommend this film to anyone interested in Latin American studies or civil rights.  Yoani’s story and example are truly inspiring!

Written by: Jared McGrail

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