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Movie Review | 12 Angry Men

When we get a jury duty notice, typically we aren’t super pumped about it. After watching 12 angry men I still wouldn’t say I’d be happy, but I would be a little more excited. In this movie 12 men are called into jury duty to decide the fate of an 18 year old boy accused of murdering his father. The initial intake of the case seems to clearly indicate that the boy is guilty. A vote is called for and and 11 of the jury vote the boy guilty while just one man votes against. The movie shows this man’s uphill battle to change the jury’s mind.

This is a great movie that I couldn’t wait to finish. The odds almost seem insurmountable and we see a real hero in a situation that we could encounter ourselves in. It was super interesting to be introduced to the 12 men at the start, and as the movie developed, to see who they really were and see their points of view. I thought it was both thought provoking and entertaining. I give it five stars!

Written by: Aaron Conrad

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