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Documentary Review | Being: Liverpool

Being: Liverpool is a documentary featuring the lives of those involved on the Liverpool Football club team. As the manager has to manage trade deadlines, logistics, and coaching for his team, the stresses of life pile on. Thousands of fans unknowingly count on him, expecting each season of Liverpool to be more memorable than the one before it. All the glory, love, joy and happiness of literally supporting a team like this also comes with a price: the stress and sadness of losing.

I really liked this documentary, because it gives more of an inside look on football clubs and how stressful they can be. It shows that these people have lives, other than just playing and watching soccer. It shows the lives of their families. It felt real and authentic to me, and it was entertaining. I’m glad that it showed a famous football club such as Liverpool as well, because it really demonstrates the intensity and responsibility of an intense lifestyle such as the one these players and managers live.

Written by: Jeshua Osorio

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