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Jumper (PN 1995.9 .S26 J86 2008) is the story of David Rice, a young man who discovered that he has a special gift when he was just five years old. This gift allows him to transport himself anywhere in the world as long as he can picture it. Little does he know that there is an ancient band of zealots who are trying to stop people like him, and David is thrust into a battle for people of his kind – and his life. The movie takes place all over the world as he tries to stop these people from harming him and those he loves.

The film was definitely action packed and full of suspense, but what it gave in thrills seemed to lack in depth. The story line has a fun concept, but seemed to struggle in the various elements of the plot that could’ve made it more interesting. It seems to be a mix between a child sci-fi film and a serious thriller, jumping back and forth, with a few adult themes here, and child-like humor there. Overall, the acting was mediocre and the action was good.

Written by: Brandon Orullian

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