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Movie Review | How To Train Your Dragon 2

In How To Train Your Dragon 2 the island of Berk is now full of dragons and humans living in peace, but Hiccup isn’t satisfied with his accomplishments yet. He continues exploring until he finds dragon trappers, and from the trappers Hiccup learns that there is another dragon rider and that there is a man, Drago Blood Fist, building a dragon army.We watch as Hiccup, determined to find Drago and stop him, steps into a new world, filled with new discoveries and new dragons.

I thought this was a great movie with lots of action, surprises, and humor throughout. We get to watch as again Hiccup struggles to communicate with his dad, who’s inability to listen is almost comical. We also see how Hiccup and his father try different ways to protect Berk, which demonstrates how who they are deep down conflicts with each other, despite the fact that both are great people trying to do what is right.  I would recommend this movie to anyone looking for something fun to watch.

Written by: Aaron Conrad

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