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Archive: January 28th, 2019

Documentary Review | America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful (PN 1995.96 .B42 A44 2010) is a powerful documentary about how the beauty standards in America affect women. This film follows the story of a twelve year old girl who starts modeling, at first she finds herself loved by fashion designers and companies but as time goes on she loses their interest. …

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Documentary Review | Life: Pt. 2

This second part of the Life (PN 1995.96 .N38 L53 2010 pt.2) series is another wonderful installment with beautiful narration by Oprah Winfrey. This part of the series is about fish, birds, and insects. The videographers and narrator beautifully capture what the lives of these creatures consist of. These episodes show the interesting adaptations that …

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Documentary Review | The Life of Mammals

The Life of Mammals pt. 2 is an amazingly well written documentary featuring the interesting aspects to the unique lives of different species of mammals. There is so much more to mammals then just what we know about us as humans. From grizzly bears, to certain types of chipmunks, to aquatic platypuses, different species of …

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