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Movie Review | Autism In Love

Autism In Love is a touching documentary, exploring what love looks like in the lives of those with Autism. The film follows four characters: Lenny, a single young adult, a couple going on eight years of dating, and Stephen, married for twenty years. The documentary shows the various challenges they face in love and with communication. It also explores what love means to each of them.

Throughout the film, I found my self really rooting for each of these characters. More than simply demonstrating what life is like with Autism, this documentary expresses universal truths about love and relationships that can resonate with everyone. While I was initially skeptical, watching this gave me a whole new perspective on relationships and the people around me. I was extremely touched by the definitions and acts of love shown by these people. I came away understanding that love is both deeply personal and all inclusive. I was very touched by the way the individuals shared their feelings and how simple they were able to make love seem. I would highly recommend this documentary to anyone that asked. Sweet and inspiring, this documentary tells stories in a way that teaches us about ourselves.

Written by: Anika Alldredge

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