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TV Show Review | Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 2

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a T.V. show about a brilliant yet immature detective, Jake Peralta. He competes with his other coworkers, such as Amy Santiago to find the most criminals to catch. But don’t mistake the genre of this show, as it is highly comedic and witty. There are many reoccurring jokes and laughs that Jake and his police squad practice in order to make their police precinct as funny as it can be.

I gave this show a 5/5 stars because it is brilliant. It’s hilariously witty and will have you laughing so hard you’ll cry. There are similar elements in it that may be inappropriate to some, but it isn’t worse than The Office or Parks and Rec. The show keeps coming up with clever new jokes and episodes, while still managing to keep its same wit and humor included in every episode. I highly recommend this to viewers who like the other sitcoms.

Written by: Jeshua Osorio

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