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Documentary Review | Origins

This all-encompassing documentary covers the origins of mankind through multiple scientific fields. It explores the early discoveries that led scientists to question age-old ideas and rethink the processes that formed not only humans, but life itself. Starting with the creation and date of the earth itself, this film also covers how man came to be and evidence of other human-like beings. It incorporates multiple experts across multiple fields to retell the story of how we came to be.

I found this documentary to be fascinating due to the different angles it used to tell such a large story. There were hardly any dull moments or lengths that were used to only fill time. I felt that it was well filmed and brought to life fascinating stories that wove together to communicate the larger picture. It also touched on key points that any science student will be familiar with, yet it expounded on each in a unique way. Overall, I give this documentary five out of five stars.

Written by: Spencer Bradford

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