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Documentary Review | The Way I Spent the End of the World

The Way I Spent the End of the World is a mix of different movie genres. From inspirational love story to a boy planning an assassination attempt on his country’s dictator, this moving tale is one that will give you hope. Although the story is a bit hard to follow, and everything is in Romanian, it is powerfully led with brilliant acting. Eva, the main character, is expelled from her school for breaking a statue of their countries dictator. The rest of the story continues as her life unfolds in a new setting, with different people.

I gave this movie 3/5 stars for a couple of different reasons. The acting should be 4/5 stars. Everything the characters did was genuine, and the choices they made seemed authentic. However, I graded it a big down because the story was hard to follow. I didn’t really know what was going for a lot of it, despite having the subtitles in English. I did find it very interesting viewing the cultural differences from Romania and other parts of the world. However, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to others, because there is a part with nudity that just pops up randomly. But if they didn’t have that in the movie, then I would recommend it.

Written by: Jeshua Osorio

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