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Documentary Review | Emotional Intelligence with Daniel Goleman

While falling under the category of documentary, this film can be more accurately described as a taped speech, similar to a Ted talk. Psychologist Daniel Goleman explores his theory of emotional intelligence, describing not only the science behind it, but the application, benefits and methods needed to develop an increased “EQ”. Goleman approaches the topic for the most part with a secular and scientific perspective. With a persuasive style, he is able to effectively communicate what it means to have emotional intelligence, especially in contrast to the commonly known “IQ”. Goleman provides well rounded data that includes statistics, as well as real life examples and stories.

With some wit, and an intriguing subject, it was fairly easy to stay engaged throughout the 70 minute presentation. Goleman addressed the contagious nature of both kindness and cruelty, as well as the importance of teaching ways to handle the strong emotions that can take over both ourselves and others. He made a special point of emphasizing the importance of starting this process at an early age, because of the significant positive influence it can have on the rest of a child’s life. Goleman claimed that an increased emotional intelligence can help not only relationships, but careers and education. Goleman proved to be a surprisingly inspiring speaker, and his lecture promoted a lifestyle of continual growth and learning. While some may find it difficult to pay attention the entire time, I would still recommend this presentation to anyone interested in this topic or psychology in general.

Written by: Anika Alldredge

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